Stuffy nose clear fast, in 40 s (with easy breathing exercise)

This great remedy has very high success rates. Other home remedies for a stuffed nose may be successful in 10-20 % of cases and are far from working immediately. (For example, it may take days to achieve ketosis, with 1-3 mmol/l for blood ketone concentration, and make ketogenic diet work.) But this breathing exercise works fast. The remedy is successful in most cases and for most people, with about 80-90% success rate, and it works in 1-2 minutes. It is truly the most natural home remedy since you can increase brain and body oxygen content as well.

Clear stuffy nose fast

Sit down comfortably and completely relax all muscles. Make your usual breath out (but don’t try to empty your lungs), then pinch your blocked nose, while keeping your mouth closed, and start holding your breath. Do breath holding for as long as you can, but without too much discomfort.

You may nod your head gently up and down in order to prolong breath holding. When you can no longer hold your breath, resume breathing but only through your less stuffy nose. Also, try to breathe as gently as possible. This is the key factor for this stuffy nose remedy: to accumulate CO2 and increase blood and O2 transport for the brain and other body tissues.

For most people, only 20-30 seconds of reduced breathing is enough to get benefits and less blocked nose. Thus it works nearly instantaneously! However, a few people with very stuffed noses or chronic problems with nasal congestion, need to repeat the steps.

Here are video instructions for this stuffy nose remedy.

There is also a permanent cure for stuffy nose problems. Click the link to find the ultimate remedy for nasal congestion.

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