Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose in 40 s (Breathing Exercise: Steps)

This is the fastest way to get rid of your stuffy nose since, in average, it requires only about 40 seconds. The method was tested by over 150 medical doctors on 1,000s of people. Dozens of my students can indeed confirm that this method unblocks a stuffed nose in less than one minute.

The breathing exercise that is explained below requires walking. If you are looking for exercise that can be done while sitting or lying in bed, you need to head to another page of this site. This (other) exercise also helps to fall asleep fast and is the great natural home remedy for constipation. Generally, there are 3 ways of getting rid of a blocked nose using breathing exercises:

1. One home remedy is to do, while nodding your head, breath holding after a usual nasal exhalation, and then you need to practice reduced breathing (breathing little less air so that to experience air hunger). The details are here: how to clear a stuffy nose remedy. This exercise can be done while sitting or standing.

2. When you want to relieve your nasal congestion in bed while trying to fall asleep, you can also do breath holding and reduced breathing (no need to nod your head).

3. Finally, the fastest way to accumulate carbon dioxide (the key chemical that is the most potent known vasodilator and the most needed or missing substance in 99% of modern people), is to use the home remedy that is explained below. This natural remedy requires walking.

Steps to get rid of a stuffed-up nose

Make a usual exhalation (outhale), close your mouth, and start fast walking, while pinching your nose and holding your breath. Try to make as many steps as possible (if there are no contra indications, like hypertension, anxiety, or pregnancy). You can count the number of steps that you have since this number reflects your body oxygenation and correlates with the results for the body oxygen test (the control pause test).

When you decide to relieve your stuffy nose, make sure that you inhale and later breathe only through your nasal passages: mouth breathing is forbidden during this exercise.

As a next step, after breath holding, you can either sit down or continue walking. But in both cases, you need to practice reduced breathing in order to accumulate CO2 which will dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow to the head and sinuses, and provide more oxygen to all cells of the body.

How can you do reduced breathing? The image below shows the details. The dark line represents your respiration pattern before this exercise (when you have a stuffy nose). The blue line is your new respiratory pattern: reduced breathing that will provide nearly instantaneous relief from your blocked nose.

Ways to get rid of a stuffed nose fast

When you breathe about 10-20% less air (than before this exercise), this creates a light (or mild) shortage of air or air hunger. This indicates accumulation of CO2 that will bring instantaneous relief.

This video provides the details of the reduced breathing and causes of sinusitis.

If it works for you, please share this most natural home remedy on social networks. Also, visit the resource section of this site since this reduced breathing (most natural home remedy) was used for the best ever-known clinical trial on cancer (6 times less mortality!) and all 6 most effective trials on asthma (about 90% less meds).

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