Natural Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose (Breathing Exercise)

A condition where a person cannot breathe properly due to completely blocked nasal passage indicates clearly that person is suffering from a stuffy nose. Since a great discomfort is generated by this condition, the sufferer gets lots of disturbance in his life. One who is suffering from this symptom is not able to have proper smell of anything as well as dryness of mouth that doubles the discomfort.  Very frequent occurrence of this problem can be seen in some people that create a discomfort in their life. Every problem has a solution in this world and the only thing which matters is searching of solution and same thing is implemented with this problem too.

Ways to know how to get rid of stuffy nose

There are many natural remedies as well as nasal sprays by using which in a regular manner an ultimate relief for a stuffed nose can be experienced. One should not adopt any careless approach for this disease as it can later affect one’s ear, lungs etc. There could be many reasons behind this problematic disease such as whooping cough, cluster headaches, German measles, common cold, allergy, swine flu, sinus infection and flu etc.

What are the remedies? Commonly, you can find the following online home remedies for nasal congestion. They say that one should first try to cure this problem quickly in a natural way by following some guidelines which are as follows:

  • Intake of wheat products as well as dairy products, when one has allergies to dairy, should be reduced for preventing nasal stuffiness.
  • Since carbs cause increased inflammation and production of reactive oxygen species, it is smart to reduce carbs intake down to 20-50 grams per day by following ketogenic diet (an amazing remedy that had been recently tested with great results for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and many other conditions) – this remedy actually works.
  • Products which contain zinc, Vitamin C as well as other nutrients should be taken in sufficient quantity.
  • One should keep himself well hydrated for faster recovery. Nose should be blown properly by using clean handkerchief or tissues for having some relief.
  • Practicing jal neti in a regular manner not only prevents this problem but also problems concerned with nose, ear and throat are prevented through this. The point which must be kept in mind is learning of proper jal neti technique otherwise some adverse effects can be experienced by the person.
  • When one is searching for the method to know how to get rid of a stuffy nose fast then steaming is one of the most popular techniques in the category of natural remedies and power of this method can be increased by adding eucalyptus capsules or oil in the water. One should cover his head through a towel at the time of inhaling and exposure to air should be avoided immediately after inhaling.
  • One can have hot soups such as lentil soups, tomato soups, vegetable soups and chicken soups in this disease as all are very effective for curing the problem.
  • Herbal teas as well as tea with spices like black pepper are also considered very beneficial for curing this disease.
  • Some spices are also there by smelling which one can get rid of this problem
  • Activeness of person also matters a lot in this condition as more you will be active less you will suffer as it reduces the chances of blocked nose.

However, the success rate for all these methods is very low.

What really works?

Don’t waste your time only in thinking how to get rid of stuffy nose. Do not waste your time on various tricks. They will not help you to enjoy a healthy life. While most online sources offer physical home remedies to clear a stuffy nose, these remedies are not most natural ones. There are also doubts about abilities of these ways to work effectively and fast.

The most natural remedies are:

1) nose unblocking breathing exercise (see the video below)

2) the famous garlic solution remedy

3) ketogenic diet

4) correct breathing 24/7 (within the medical norms), as the ultimate sinusitis solution and requirement for great health.

This video provides the best and fastest treatment and most natural remedy how to unblock the congested nose very fast or almost instantaneously with a simple breathing exercise.

The video also explains the permanent natural cure for stuffy nose problems: normal breathing or over 40 s for the body oxygen test, even though 25 s is often enough to have a clear nose with nasal congestion at any time. This is because this method naturally addresses the cause of a stuffy nose.

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